How To Improve Your Tennis Footwork – Advanced

Last month, I discussed the importance of FOOTWORK and how it affects your balance, timing, and quickness on the tennis court. I gave you two cone drills, the Lateral Shuffle Drill and the Figure 8 Drill. Once you have mastered those two drills, I want you to practice the Go! Drill. The Go! Drill is a more advanced footwork drill that focuses on your reaction time and quickness on the tennis court. Watch the video for a demonstration of the GO! Drill.

Go! Drill Instructions:

  1. Place 4 cones 10 feet apart in a diamond shape on the court or in your gym.
  2. Start in the center of the diamond facing the net or facing your partner in front of you.
  3. Shuffle between the 2 cones to the right and left of you.
  4. As you are shuffling, your partner or coach will yell “Go!”, then sprint to the cone in front of you and sprint to the back cone and return to the center of the diamond and begin shuffling again.
  5. Repeat the drill 2-3 times or for 10-20 seconds.

At any given time during the match, your opponent can hit a drop shot or drop volley from anywhere on the court.  Practice this drill after practice or on your off-court training day to improve your reaction time and quickness.

Please consult your doctor before you begin your tennis fitness training.  If you have any questions about your tennis fitness, please give us a call. For more great tips like these, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.