Knee injury doesn’t stop Gordon Russo from playing tennis

Gordon Russo returns to the tennis court after knee injury

Gordon Russo has played tennis for over 20 years. While on the court, Gordon planted his leg and injured his right knee.

“I immediately felt weakness in my leg and decided I needed physical therapy if I ever wanted to play again. I chose Baudry Therapy Center and worked with their team of physical therapists and assistants through the Return to Sport program.”

Gordon came to Baudry Therapy Center with a painful, swollen knee that prevented him from playing tennis. His great attitude and determination was the reason he was able to return to the court.

“Our bodies have tremendous ability for healing.” says Rich Baudry.  “For people like Gordon, the key is often just giving them “know how” to get better.  Through a comprehensive evaluation, we were able to prescribe the right exercises and activities to restore full knee function.”

Gordon said, “Baudry’s excellent staff helped me to strengthen my thigh and gluteal muscles which really gave me the confidence to return to playing tennis.”

When is it safe to Return to Sport?

The #1 predictor of injury for athletes is a previous injury. So when an athlete is injured, BRIO’s Return to Sport team gets to work with evidence-based care that gives our clients the confidence they need to resume athletic activities. Read more

Are you or someone you love unable to do the things you love – whether that is tennis, running or picking up your grandchildren? If so, call Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO today and learn how you can return to your activities pain-free!