What to Expect on Your First Visit

Welcome to Baudry Therapy Center.  Thank you for choosing us for your therapy needs!  Before your first session there is a bit of paperwork to fill out. Answer the best you can as this is how we get to know you a little bit better.

The paperwork takes 15 to 20 minutes so plan to come a little bit early or get your paperwork ahead of time and fill it out before you come.

Your first session is a time for us to identify the causes of your symptoms and make a plan for your recovery. Don’t be nervous, we are here to make it easy on you! The evaluation itself is about 60 minutes.  Make sure you wear loose fitting clothes, you know, something you can exercise in.

Remember, we are here to help! Worry, fear, and uncertainty are barriers to your getting better.  Please share with us all of your concerns so we can get on with the business of healing.

Thanks again for choosing us for your therapy and we look forward to seeing you soon.