Ergonomics is the study and design of human movement and capabilities in relationship to daily life and work demands. Clients often come in with aches and pains which are the direct result of how they work, play, and/or live their life. Whether it be overuse, postural dysfunction, or simply sedentary lifestyle habits that trigger pain and injury, our ergonomic team can help you find the solution.

Baudry Therapy Center looks not only at the surface symptoms, we examine the contributing factors and habits which actually causes pain. Our ergonomic coaching leads to permanent solutions, not temporary pain relief!

Our physical therapists work with patients, corporate clients, and other professionals, tailoring ergonomic solutions to meet the individual job task or home/community activity needs.

Our program helps you manage your work site, home office, and lifestyle habits to help you avoid pain and allow you to be more efficient and effective throughout the day.

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