Decrease Arm Injuries in Baseball Players

Baseball certainly comes with it’s share of injuries.  NOW, as winter approaches, is the time for rehab, recovery, and preparation for next year.

But what should you focus on to decrease your risk of injury?  It might surprise you but often the cause for shoulder and elbow injuries is not in the arm at all.

In many cases, poor spinal function leaves throwers vulnerable to injury. Spinal function is a key to good throwing mechanics and to decreasing risk of injury.

For better performance and an injury free year, focus your time on core and spinal stability exercises TODAY.

In this video Sue Falsone, PT, MS, SCS, ATC, head physical therapist/trainer for the Los Angeles Dodgers, discusses common injuries in the sport of baseball and provides advice for youth athletes.

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photo credit: Monica M. Davey/European Pressphoto Agency