Track and Field Competitor Returns to the Field

Michael Arata is a fierce Track and Field competitor, contending in the Decathlon, Pentathlon and various Sprint races (50M, 100M, 200M, and 400M). While training for these track events, Michael suffered a right Achilles injury.

“I couldn’t walk or perform any type of athletic training without severe pain,” said Michael. “I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to return to any form of competition.”

Michael relied on Baudry Therapy Center to get him back on track. Baudry PT Josh Bryant performed a comprehensive Return to Sport evaluation on Michael, which included Y Balance Assessment, Functional Movement Screen, running analysis, etc.

“As an athlete and PT, I know how important it is to get back to training fast,” said Josh. “I also understand how scary it can be to think that an injury can stop you from doing something you love so much.”

Josh devised a plan to get Michael back on the track, which included ASTYM, Dry Needling, Manual Therapy, Corrective Movements, and Functional Exercise.
Michael added, “Not only was I able to recover 100% from my injury, but my rehabilitation also surpassed my pre-injury strength, flexibility, and conditioning. I reached a whole new, higher level of ability.”

“I’ve had physical therapy in the past and had an expectation of what I would get and how it would go, but the results at Baudry Therapy Center were so far greater and so much better than I could have ever anticipated. They developed a specific plan for my recovery and continued to adapt the plan as I progressed. That kind of personalized attention made me feel like I got the same level of rehab that professional athletes get. And the results proved it – I finished 4th in the nation in the 100 Meters and won the Bronze in the National Decathlon Championships. Next year I will win, using the program that Baudry developed for me. Thank you!”

“The Baudry staff took a real interest in my recovery and my success. They introduced me to other professionals that added to my recovery and conditioning and helped me achieve my goals.”

“One of the things that sets Baudry Therapy Center apart is our genuine concern for our patients,” said Josh. “Their success is our success and we want to give them every tool to reach their goals. Once we felt confident in his ability to return to an aggressive training schedule, we introduced him to Wyatt Harris, Owner of Sonic Boom Speed Conditioning & Strength Training Academy, who took Michael to the next level.”

Congratulations, Michael, on your recovery and your impressive results! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the next competition. Keep shining! Your friends at Baudry | BRIO are proud of you!

Tennis player eliminates back and calf pain and returns to the court

PT eliminates back and calf pain

Eric Holden, an avid tennis player, began experiencing low back pain while on the court. The aching slowly progressed into chronic pain and began to hinder Eric’s daily functioning.

“My low back pain persisted for two years. I feared my injury was permanent and irreversible and if I wanted to continue playing tennis, I would have to accept this significant level of back pain,” said Eric.

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