5 Tips to a Better Back

Did you know back pain can impact up to 80% of adults in their lifetime? The causes of back pain varies from each person, whether its from an acute accident to long-term wear and tear, arthritis, weak muscles or even stress. Regardless of the source, back pain is no fun and is a leading cause of missed workdays and poor work productivity.

Here are 5 tips that can help protect your back.

1. Change positions often. Keep moving.

2. Sit up straight when texting or reading. Keep devices or books at eye/chest level.

3. Be consistent with your stretches and exercises to feel great throughout the day.

4. Work smarter, not harder. Keep your lifting techniques in mind throughout the work day. Taking your time to do it the right way will save your back!

5. Reach out to your BRIO team to learn even MORE ways to improve your posture and strengthen your back

If you are experiencing back pain now, call today to be seen within one week for an evaluation.  Our PTs can get you started on a treatment plan quickly, so you can eliminate your pain and get back to the activities you enjoy.