Stretch Before You Stroll

Dynamic stretches for your hips and ankles


We have been blessed with gorgeous weather, and we can’t help but notice everyone taking advantage and going out for a stroll. It makes us so happy to see. Movement is medicine!  But before you stroll, make sure you properly warm up your muscles to prevent injury.

In this BRIO MINUTE, we share some dynamic stretches you can do to properly stretch your ankles and hips. And we promise, it only takes a few minutes!

12th Day of Fitmas…Side-Lying Upper Trunk Rotation

On the 12th Day of Fitmas, my PT gave to me…a Side-Lying Upper Trunk Rotation.

  • While lying on your side, flex the top hip to 90 degrees and support the knee with a ball or foam roller.
  • Start with your arms together, then rotate the top arm and shoulder.
  • Maintain contact between your knee and the ball/roller.
  • 3 x 20 seconds each side