Baudry Therapy Center is MOVING!

Baudry Therapy Center is MOVING!


After 5 great years Baudry Therapy Center has outgrown its current space.

On  September 3rd at 7am
we will open the new facility located at
2620 Metairie Lawn Drive

We thank all of our superstar clients and business associates for their continued support.

Just 2 blocks away, this new facility promises something special for all:

1) New location: 2620 Metairie Lawn Dr.
This new facility will provide additional
parking, and workout spaces, for a unique
combination of Physical Therapy, Training
and Performance Enhancement Programs.

2) Introducing  BRIO, LLC.  Italian for vitality,
energy, gusto, BRIO will be a source of
limitless inspiration and comprehensive
knowledge to help clients unleash the power
within. BRIO will serve as a definitive guide,
leading people from all walks of life on their
own personal journey to realize their life goals.

3) Brio fitness will offer private, semi-private,
and group options for HIT, FIT, and
SportsFIT programs, payable by the
month, by the session, or by the package.
These additional options should make it
easier for you to access our services. See our
website for program details.

4) Baudry Therapy Center has helped clients lose
over 2500 lbs. Our Dietitians and Ideal Protein
coaches will continue to lead clients to better
health through weight management programs.

5) Brio Pilates instructors will continue to
produce strong healthy bodies through
balanced body training. Look for the
new osteoporosis program coming soon.

Baudry therapists will continue to use their skills and knowledge to provide the
professional therapy services you expect, ridding the pain and restoring normal
function as we go. See our website for more information.
Moving on to the next 5 years, our staff is poised and ready for the challenges ahead.
Come by and let’s get better together.

Leslie & Rich Baudry