Experience Crescent City Classic

By Rich Baudry PT, DPT, OCS

There is a lot of buzz about Crescent City Classic this week.  The famous annual race is held the Saturday before Easter Sunday.  People come from far and wide to participate in this great event for many reasons: in honor of a loved one, to run their first race, or just another excuse to have a great time New Orleans style…you name the reason, that’s why people participate in the Crescent City Classic!

I look at the Crescent City Classic as a time to celebrate. I enjoy running with friends and family. We celebrate our ability to run and enjoy each others company along the way. It’s great to get out there and enjoy exercising with 1,000’s of fellow New Orleans natives.

Race prep starts a day or two before the event with some hydration; I drink plenty of water the day before and day of the race. I try to eat balanced meals with fruits and vegetables. I make plans with friends for driving, pickups, etc. The day of the event I have a light breakfast, make sure my socks are on and shoes laced up right…now I’m race bound and ready to experience the Crescent City Classic!

The “cattle” are herded into position.  There is a light buzz of chatter and excitement at the starting line.

As the race begins you try not to trip over someone, or their cooler, while bouncing off other runners and having a great time. You try very hard to stay with your friends, getting distracted by fun costumes at times. I love it! Easing into the run, reaching a steady pace. I don’t try to race as there is not much of a point to that. If you are competing for time, you should run somewhere else as this race is for you to enjoy all of the hard work you’ve put in training day-in and day-out. So, there is really no pressure to perform and you really don’t even think about running. You’re enjoying the people around you, the music from the sidelines, and the many sights of runners in costume. You see short and tall, skinny and not so skinny but mostly you see enjoyment.  Crescent City Classic is a race for everyone.

Crescent City Classic after party makes the day’s event even more fun by providing a festival type atmosphere. Jambalaya, cold beer and live music. It’s awesome!!!  Everyone has that euphoric post run feeling.  The crowd is full of energy, relaxed, and living in the moment. For a short time, there are no thoughts of the stress of work and responsibilities that need to get done.

That’s what I like about the Crescent City Classic. I hope you come out this year to join us and enjoy this classic event.

What’s your favorite Crescent City Classic experience?