Fall Fitness Programs: Golf FITness

Gofl fitnessAs the summer heat fades and the golf course comes calling, its time to get back in shape for golf. Improve your flexibility, strength and coordination to hit the ball longer and feel better for a great season. Our Golf FITness program includes the Titleist specific golf fitness evaluation, which provides a wealth of information on golf exercises and how your swing flaws affect your game. Together physical therapist Rich Baudry and PGA Professional David Marchand lead the training program which touches all aspects of your golf game. Come improve your game with us.

Evaluation: SPECIAL $250 (now through October 15, 2011), Regularly $295

6 week program: $595

Includes: evaluation, Titleist home program, weekly golf specific workouts, weekly technical golf instruction, and 5 weeks of sessions, 2x/week.