New Year Resolution Habit

New Year Resolution. Creating healthy habits

New Year Resolution
A penny a day keeps the Dr away. Add a penny to your favorite bowl each day you successfully keep the healthy habit. Keep the bowl in a highly visible location. Watch the pennies grow and take pride in your success.

Tips for creating healthy habits in 2014

Be committed. Once you commit to the habit, you’ll have a better chance to succeed

Choose wisely.  Changing habits is hard.

  • Minimize the change by making it simple.
  • Be at least 80-90% confident that you can do it consistently.
  • Increase the complexity of the habit only as you feel confident you can keep it up.

Be accountable. Everyone needs accountability. Maybe its a daily contribution to a bowl of pennies, an X on the calendar, or a face to face with a coach/trainer. Know who you are and what help you need to succeed.

Have a visible reminder

  • Post the written habit
  • Have a bowl of pennies
  • Keep a calendar.
  • Use an I phone App

Reminders will help you make your New Year’s resolution stick.

Keep up with this year’s New Year Resolution for 6 months, and you will have long term success. Add more BRIO to your life in 2014. Create a healthy habit today!