Men’s Health Month

Certainly men face their share of medical conditions and disease processes. Prevention and early detection are the keys to successful treatment of any condition. To help heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men Baudry Therapy Center is joining the Men’s Health Network in recognizing June as Men’s Health Month.

This month we encourage you to not only schedule an appointment with your Doctor for your regular check up, but also schedule an appointment with Baudry Therapy Center to

  • find out why your back hurts
  • learn how to lose weight
  • learn how to feel and play better

Take charge of your health with a little knowledge. It only takes 20 minutes and will lead you down the road to good health.  Call us at 504 841 0150 to set up your free musculoskeletal consult.

For more information on men’s health topics and men’s health month, see the Men’s Health Network at