8 Tips to Decrease Back Pain From Travel

It’s summertime and vacations are in full swing. And while vacations may be about rest and relaxation,  it’s not uncommon to suffer back or neck pain from traveling. Don’t be the next vacation gone awry due to injury.

This summer try these tips to decrease the risk of the injury while on vacation:

  1. With travel comes prolonged periods of sitting. Bring pillows, towels, or even soft jackets to support your back for sitting. Prolonged sitting can leave you vulnerable to hurting your back.
  2. Plan for frequent stops. At each stop get up, stretch, and move around.
  3. While in route adjust your posture frequently to avoid static strain to your neck and back.
  4. When you’ve reached your destination, take several minutes to loosen up in order to re-activate your muscles, before unloading your luggage.
  5. When loading or unloading your bags, take the extra trip. Don’t try to carry everything at once. Use rolling carts or even the bellman if available, it is your vacation.
  6. Make sure to schedule some exercise while on vacation. Your body needs and thrives on movement. Try to include some walking, biking, or at least some stretching to help keep the body moving.
  7. For those going to the beach  “get out of the beach chair”. Yes even sitting in the beach chair too long can lead to unwanted back problems.
  8. Try to exercise just before traveling home. This will help your body be more relaxed and better able to tolerate being cooped up in the car or plane.

For more tips on staying healthy during travel contact us at Baudry Therapy Center.