3 for Thursday – Take Charge of Your Health

Calling all Women! Are you leading your families’ health movement? With health care in flux, proactive health solutions are becoming more and more important.  And traditionally, women make the majority of the families’ health decisions. This article by Daphne Oz shows you how to get your family moving in the right direction.

“We’re eating too much, we’re eating too much of the wrong foods, we’re sedentary and we’re not educating our children on how to fix this,” McGrath said. “The only way you get control on health-care spending is to improve the underlying health conditions of our population.”  says Matt McGrath, vice president of Holmes Murphy & Associates, (an insurance brokerage that performs employee benefits consulting).  This article in the St Louis Business Journal discusses how our own behaviors are greatly responsible for the rising costs of health care, and provides prudent advice for how proactive wellness can help you control your health care costs.

Next in this Wall Street Journal article, see how this Dad changed his life by prioritizing his workouts. You can do it too!

Well I hope that these 3 articles inspire you to re-think your own health. Tell us what you think. How are you going to lead your own health movement?

Photo: Neighborhood Centers