Make a Difference in Your Life and Others: Tribute to Mike Moskau

How to make a difference in someone’s life? Take a genuine interest in others

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Symbol of Making an impact on others

mike and ginger moskauThere is no greater joy nor greater reward, than making a difference in the lives of others.

A personal friend and client of ours, Mike Moskau, passed away this week. And as I reflected on his life and what he meant to me, 3 consistent memories come to mind:

  • Mike always showed a genuine interest and concern for me and my life.
  • Mike always offered me advice, whether I wanted it, or not.
  • Mike loved to teach by sharing family stories, and life experiences.

I realized that even though he was coming to us for help, (on numerous occasions) Mike’s big concern was always with me, my business, and my family. WOW, I received as much or more help from him, than he received from us.

One of Mike’s true talents and one thing I’ll take from him was his true compassion and concern for others.  Mike made a difference in my life by taking an interest in me. He made my world a better place by spending time with me. I’m sure he did this with countless others.

In honor of Mike, this week’s challenge is to BE MORE LIKE MIKE. To  make a difference in other people’s lives by:

  • Being genuinely interested in people, their stories, their lives.
  • Asking questions and really listening to their stories.
  • Smiling at others! It takes way more energy to frown than to smile. Plus, you never know how much of a difference you could be making in their life at that moment.
  • Taking special note of what is important to others and how you may be able to help.

Making a difference in someone’s life doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming.  I bet that we all will find that when you’re making a difference in other people’s lives, you are also making a difference in your own!  As the African proverb states, “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, than you’ve never spent the night in a tent with a mosquito!”