Get Real With Weight Loss

By Rich Baudry, PT, DPT, OCS

As a Physical Therapist, I treat people for pain and physical dysfunction. People with back and knee pain and those who have difficulty enjoying the things they love like tennis, fishing, and playing with kids. In treating these individuals I often hear, “I guess if I would lose some weight I’d probably feel better,” or, “I’ve been working on losing weight,” or, “I know I need to lose weight.” The point is, we are all aware of the reality that we need to take better care of ourselves.

Unfortunately, in their attempt to lose weight clients often fail. They may lose 10 pounds over the first 2 weeks, only to gain 15 over the next 3. They have trouble keeping the weight off and in many instances end up heavier than they started.

But losing weight is simple … right? Eat less, move more.  If it were so simple, the weight loss industry would not be the dynamic money making industry it is today.

There are many obstacles to losing weight:

1.    Lack of commitment

2.    Lack of support

3.    Lack of knowledge

Making a commitment to your health, surrounding yourself with a strong support system of family and friends as well as providing yourself with knowledge on how, when, and what to eat and exercise are key components that will lead you to happy and healthy weight loss that will stick with you for life!

As a result of these observed obstacles, Baudry Therapy Center has partnered with Women and Men’s Nutrition & Weight Control Center to help clients lose weight and feel great.  Our approach is based on the latest scientific evidence. We utilize the expertise of exercise physiologists, physical therapists, personal trainers, dietitians, and nutritionists to provide the support necessary for successful weight loss. Our team provides smart exercise strategies proven to effectively burn calories placing you on the fast track to weight loss. We provide knowledge, enlist your commitment and monitor your accountability as your support system in order to reach your weight loss goals. This commitment begins with YOU!

Get your zest for life back and re-consider your weight loss needs with Baudry Therapy Center.

strength, balance, motion… for fitness, for life!