Health and Fitness Goals for 2012

It’s the final week of 2011. It’s time to review the past year and set your sites on the future. What will you achieve in 2012?

First take a few moments to review 2011.

How did you do this year?

Did you reach your goals?

Did you achieve what you wanted?

Why or Why not?

Celebrate the victories and be proud of your 2011 accomplishments.

Now turn your attention to 2012. Set aside some time to really think about what you want to achieve in 2012. Write down whatever ideas that  come up. Include all ideas crazy or not, from all areas of your life, be it travel plans, lifestyles, or new homes. Just write it down.

Now go over the list and pull out the top 2-3 that relate to your health and fitness. Define and develop these goals in the most descriptive terms possible. Paint a vivid picture for what you really want and how you will get there.  Don’t leave out any detail. The more visual these goals can be the better.

You may want to use the SMART mnemonic to help develop these goals.

1) Specific: Put a specific number, measurement, weight, distance, to the goal. Your goals should answer the questions, what, why, who, where, and when. Be as descriptive as possible.

2) Measurable: Make sure the goal is measurable, either by a weight, a time, a score or a speed. Set up a clear target to strive for.

3) Attainable: Certainly your goals can be lofty, but make sure they are attainable, within your control, and the timeline you give it.

4) Relevant: Make sure the goal means something to you. Make sure it is something worthwhile to you, and something that you are willing to and care about working on.

5) Timely: Make sure your goals have a timeline to them. A timeline will keep you accountable and focused on what you need to do to get there. To help you may choose intermittent target goals to hit to lead you to the end of the year goal.

Your 2012 goals should provide a road map to success. Write them down! They should be as detailed as possible, with descriptive language, and serve as a step by step guideline for better health and fitness.

And once created, here are some tips to help you achieve success:

  • Review your goals daily
  • Create visual reminders  to help you stay on track
  • If you fall get back up
  • Do something each day to get 1% better
  • Take baby steps, and stay committed

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