Commit to a Workout Plan to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Just like you organize your work schedule, your kids schedule, and your life, you need to plan for your health and fitness. Life is too busy  for a haphazard fitness plan.

Here are 4 keys for a successful health and fitness program:

  • Clarity: Set SMART (Specific Measureable Attainable Realistic Timely) goals: Write down what you want to achieve with your fitness/health. Is it weight loss, strength, improved function, or overall fitness? Set long term goals with intermediate goals for along the way. Writing it down will help you develop a clear road to success.
  • Understanding: Seek professional advice. There is a reason the best athletes in the world have a team of professional coaches, and consultants. These professionals know that to perform at their best, they need the help of experts who can get them to train with purpose, efficiency and effectiveness. There is no room for inefficiencies. Talk to the professionals at Baudry Therapy Center for your own personalized training program.
  • Encouragement: Find a workout buddy. Find someone with similar goals and desires as yours, and drive each other to success. It has been shown that competition and camaraderie helps motivate and will keep you accountable to your plan.
  • Consistency: Schedule your workouts ahead of time. Plan each week’s workout schedule and put it on the calendar. Knowing when, what, and where your workouts will be will help you stay on track. Pack your workout clothes and gear the night before to make sure you are ready to go. Working out on a regular schedule will give you the consistency to reach your goals.

In all, to reach your goals it comes down to commitment and determination. Commiting to these key elements will greatly improve your chances of succeeding.

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Photo credit: slagheap