Another Heartfelt PT Success Story

PT Success Story

A Heartfelt PT Success Story

As we continue our celebration of National Physical Therapy month, we wanted to share with you another heartfelt PT Success Story.  When we received this email from one of our Baudry clients, we were moved by the honesty in her words and humbly honored to have had a small part in her recovery. Please read this amazing story and if you have a personal story to share, we want to hear it.  See below for contest information!

My story really started nine and a half years ago after coronary bypass surgery and two heart attacks following surgery.  Things began to happen to me slowly and I was told that it was side effects from heart surgery.  I have gone through cardiac rehab for sixty days and slowly moved on to an orthopedic and two podiatrists.  They wanted to do many strange things and I had many shots.  Then I moved into Physical Therapy for my feet and legs and still was not correctly diagnosed.  I dreaded going because it made me feel like a robot getting a tune-up.

Being a person who likes quotes, I came across one that tells you to “Pull up your big girl panties and deal with it”.  Maybe I needed to try again because things were not getting any better and I was getting slower.

I decided to see Dr. Fleming, a neurologist out of my past, and he told me that all of the things I tried to correct were caused by Parkinson’s Disease.  That was a new freckle on my brain and my brain was losing dopamine and I was left wondering what was going to happen to me.

The doctor sent me to Dr. Georgia Lea for Parkinson’s Disease and she sent me to Baudry Therapy Center for physical therapy.  I initially dreaded PT because of the obnoxious therapist I had earlier.  I remember thinking, “Lord, don’t send me to a rude snot who thinks he is great.”  I had already been there before and was dreading it, but how hard could four weeks be?

I moved on to Baudry and it was a different world.  After being evaluated, I figured Jen would be good, quiet, and friendly.  I was concerned about Rich so while he tested me, I tested him because I didn’t want someone obnoxious or snotty and I wasn’t going to be a robot.  I was needing a sense of humor and was trying to figure out this thing called BIG AND LOUD.  I said, “Well, your name is on the building, does that mean that you own this place?”   He gave me a funny answer but I will just say he had a sense of humor.  Then I said I had some questions, he said he had some answers and he sat down and provided me with a well needed conversation and I didn’t test him anymore.

A year has gone by and I am still there because I need it and I want to continue.  It has helped me with my PD life and I have learned that everyone at Baudry is special.  Therapy does not need to be dreaded; just accepted.  At Baudry, you can be yourself and they treat you like a person, not a robot.

This story is not about a contest or prize; it is about saying “Thank You, Baudry”.  After all this time, I have landed someplace spectacular and everyone is wonderful. And last but not least, I learned another quote at Baudry and it came from Rich.  He has told me many times:  “You know why you will fall —- because you don’t pick up your feet”.  I hear that even when he isn’t there.   It is true so all I can say is “OK Richard”.

Thanks to everyone at Baudry.  I tell everyone about how great you are.  You provide something great in my life.  You all are friendly and make PT and PD easier.  PT seems like a gift instead of a dreaded task.

That is my story!!!    


Share Your Story

During the month of October, we want you to hear how Physical Therapy has helped you.  Send in your story as an email, a video or by good old snail mail and we will feature you on our social media channels.  Get creative though!  The best story will be chosen at the end of the month and the winner will receive a cool prize!  Email your story or video testimonial to


Louisiana Walks for Parkinson’s Race This Saturday

BRIO/ BTC will show support for all of our Parkinson’s patients this Saturday, October 18 as we walk in the Louisiana Walks for Parkinson’s race at Lafreniere Park. Make sure you stop by the Baudry Therapy tent post-race for your ice-cold freezie pops! It’s not too late to register and support this great cause!