How Physical Therapy Helped Me

How Physical Therapy Helped Me – National Physical Therapy Month

As part of our celebration of National Physical Therapy Month, we are highlighting our clients and their stories of how physical therapy helped them overcome their pain.  Here’s a wonderful account from our client Mignon Kohnke.

mignon k
Mignon Kohnke

I was diagnosed with a foot condition that required extensive and frequent exercise to correct it.  While my doctor was able to diagnose this, he was not able to provide any guidance as to the type of exercises I should perform to fix the problem.    Therefore, I turned to Baudry Therapy Center.

Upon arriving for my initial evaluation, I found the entire staff to be professional, courteous and timely.  My physical therapist, Kevin Dessauer, was very knowledgeable and helped  me to learn more about my condition and, specifically, what would be needed to correct it.  He explained everything to me in layman’s terms making it easy for me to understand the correct way to perform each exercise and why each was necessary.

Rich Baudry also participated throughout my therapy sessions  and worked with Kevin to determine my treatment program during each visit as well as my “homework” exercises.  My foot responded quickly to the regiment directed by Kevin and Rich and I was and am thrilled with my progress.

Thanks for the help, Baudry Therapy Center!