World Cup Soccer Talk

World Cup Soccer Talk

The soccer flop!

As Physical therapists we see lots of sports injuries. Many, that are career threatening, and take months even years to rehab. We certainly admire and learn a lot from the drive, and determination of world cup soccer players.

But how some of these world cup soccer players recover from apparent injury in less than 30 seconds has been fascinating to watch.

Now many have said that some of these injuries may in fact be slight embellishments of the truth.  The question today is, how can you tell if a world cup soccer athlete is flopping?

Our clinic survey has revealed the following:

Signs that it might be a Flop:

1) They grab the body part and don’t move for 30 seconds.

2) They grab a body part don’t move, and look up at the ref with one eye.

3) They are close to scoring a goal, realize that they probably won’t get the shot off, and throw themselves to the ground.

4) they flail all of their body parts wildly into the air as they fall.

the Wall street journal has a great article on this topic, check it out:  World Cup Soccer Talk

We’d like to hear from some real soccer players. How can you tell it was a soccer flop?