Building a Stronger Runner Part 2

Running Blog Series part 2:  Week 2:  The Hip continued

This week’s challenge continues to work on hip strength and stability.  Due to the weight-bearing nature of running, these exercises are designed to better replicate these types of demands and are a good adjunct to last week’s exercises.


Running Exercise
Lateral Walks for Runners

Place a resistance band around the ankles of both feet.  Slightly tuck the pelvis under engaging the gluteal muscles.  Maintain tension on the band while stepping to the side.  Perform 15 repetitions each direction right and left, then repeat each side again.


Wall Squat

Stand with feet hip-distance apart, toes against the wall and hands on the wall overhead.  Slowly perform a squat keeping hands and toes on the wall.

Repeat 10 times.

Wall Squat for Runners

Wall Squat for Runners



Let us know how it goes.  Would love to hear your feedback!