Tennis Training – Improve Your Footwork

With the 2012 Australian Open beginning in January, tennis players around the world are getting excited about playing tennis in the New Year.  As you begin to pick up your racquet and play again, you may want to focus on one major aspect of your tennis game, which is your FOOTWORK.  Whether you are preparing for a groundstroke or recovering from a shot off the court, proper footwork is vital!  High-quality footwork can improve your balance, timing, and quickness on the court. In fact, many coaches use cones, ladders, steps, bands, and other pieces of equipment to develop proper footwork for their players.  Watch the video to learn 2 different cone drills to improve your footwork on the tennis court, the Lateral Shuffle Drill and the Figure 8 Drill.

Add these drills to your weekly tennis fitness routine and you see if your footwork improves. If you have any questions about your tennis fitness routine, give us a call. For more great tips like these, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.