Physical therapy relieves law student’s neck pain

Long hours of studying causes neck pain for law student

Courtney Harper, a law student at Loyola University, spends much of her time studying and reading case studies. Prolonged periods of sitting and poor reading posture caused severe headaches. She also felt pain radiating down her neck and into her shoulders.

The constant pain was unbearable. It made it impossible to focus on her school work. Courtney enjoys exercising and walking her dogs as a stress relief. However, the pain made it difficult to participate in her favorite activities.

Courtney turned to Baudry Therapy Center for pain relief. Her physical therapist, Kevin Dessauer, performed manual therapy followed by functional exercises to help relieve her pain.

“Courtney is just one of several students and workers that present with neck pain due to long hours at the desk.  The human body is not designed to be locked into these positions for hours on end. This is why the body can break down.  The good news is manual therapy, stretching, and strengthening exercises can help. They can reduce the repetitive strain on the body, relieving pain and restoring function.  Once the body is restored, postural awareness and ergonomics help keep the pain away,” said Kevin Dessauer, DPT

“After completing three weeks of physical therapy, I felt even better than I did before the pain started. Not only did the pain go away, but Kevin taught me exercises to increase strength, keep me active and to avoid the pain returning. My experience at Baudry Therapy Center gave me the confidence to return to doing the activities that I love,” said Courtney Harper.

If you are experiencing neck or back pain from prolonged sitting or poor posture, physical therapy might be right for you. Learn more about manual therapy to see if it can return you to the activities that you enjoy!