Golf Fit Series: 3 Strategies to Better Your Score

Golf Fit Series: 3 Strategies to Better Your Score on the Course

Now that you’ve properly warmed up, it’s time to play golf! PGA Professional David Marchand shares 3 strategies to utilize early on to lower your score on the golf course.


In my opinion, the first step to achieving a better score is to get with your coach.  I highly recommend some lessons early in the year with your favorite PGA Professional to help you identify the good, the bad, and the ugly in your game. Having another set of eyes will help you gain confidence and quickly regain the form you might have lost over the winter break. My 2015 journey started last week with a visit to Metairie Country Club to meet with PGA Professional David Marchand. The million dollar question, “How do I begin to shoot lower scores?” Here is what we came up with:

3 Strategies to shoot lower scores:

1) Minimize the 3 putts by making more short to mid-range putts (3-8 feet). A great tool for practicing your putt is the Accelerator Pro putting mat.

2) Eliminate penalty strokes.  Penalty strokes often come when golfers try to hit low percentage shots. Be realistic with your shot selection. Look for the best option. You should be at least 80% confident that you can make the shot you are trying to hit. If not, re-think the shot. Be 100% committed to the shot before pulling the trigger.

3) Establish a good pre-shot routine.  Find what helps you relax your shoulders and arms, whether a waggle, a practice swing, or a press, and do it every time. Then, find the distance, pick the club, and go with it.


  • Games and challenges: 5 exercises to increase flexibility and mobility.
  • Golf pain: Improve posture and postural strength to get rid of pain.
  • Putting: Secrets to better putting.
  • Distance: How to hit the ball farther.
  • Performance: Strength and power exercises for golf.
  • Course management. How to get around the course with the right mindset for each shot.

Stay tuned for the next Golf Fit series on Games and Challenges next week!