Golf Fit Series: How to hit with more power

Golf Fit Series: How to hit with more power

How do you hit with more power? It’s been said that golfers that hit the ball  farthest usually score the best, provided they can hit it relatively straight. This stands to reason because it is much easier to hit a 9 iron or wedge into a green than a 6 or 7 iron.

So why is it that golf professionals hit so much farther than amateurs?

Fitness level:

  • Strength in the right areas
  • Flexibility in the right areas
  • Coordination to use both strength and flexibility to generate an efficient swing

Golfers who hit the ball a long way have the ability, coordination and strength to stabilize the body in order to deliver a powerful force into the ball. Try these drills to see if you have what it takes to make a sound golf swing.


Kvest kinematic swing sequence
Kvest kinematic swing sequence

Sequence: In every sport, power is achieved through a sequence of movements. Energy is transferred through the body into the distal extremity, and then into the club, racket, or bat.  Although all swings are different, the kinematic swing sequences of professional athletes are always consistent. With a good swing sequence, even small athletes can generate real power.

Kvest Digital swing analysis
Kvest Digital swing analysis

To find out more about getting your swing sequence analyzed, call BRIO. We can find a K-vest swing pro near you.



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