Playing good golf can be incredibly difficult, both physically and mentally. But when physical ability gets in the way of playing well, that’s where the BRIO team jumps in. Our golf program, inspired by Titleist Performance Institute’s program, focuses on improving the physical limitations that hinder the ability to play golf, play well, and play often.

The Baudry| BRIO team has developed a unique exercise program for golfers of all levels. The process begins by identifying the physical and mechanical imbalances that limit each individual golfer’s performance. Then, a training program is initiated to address the player’s needs.

The training is efficient, effective, and measurable—for a lifetime of superior golfing performance. Golfers can expect to improve distance, endurance, and confidence by enlisting the support and guidance of BRIO’s experienced golf performance specialists. During the course of training, players of all skill levels will learn to maximize flexibility, strength, power, and coordination to maximize their athletic potential.

To learn more about our golf training program, contact Baudry | BRIO today!