The healing value of sleep

Sleep: It’s healing power

Do you ever get sick after a BIG weekend, or when you burn the candle at both ends? It’s probably for good reason and something you should be aware of. Often times, the value of sleep is overlooked.

When you get up early and stay up late, your body’s  healing mechanisms may not be able to keep up. It may cause you to function at a less than prime level.

Read these 5 signs of why your sleeping mechanisms may not be working for you.

Getting More from Life

Our mission is to help you get more from life, to increase your BRIO, so we looked at the stress response to sleep deprivation and the effect of sleep loss on motor function.

For optimal health and fitness, to decrease pain and to promote better performance, the challenge this week is for you to evaluate your own sleep habits.  Identify where you fall short and develop ways to get the amount of sleep you deserve and need. 

A great way to assess whether you are getting enough sleep is to use a Fitbit or other smart tracking device.   Measure it for a week to see how you do. This will be a great snap shot of your sleeping habits.

For more information on sleeping well, check out this other resource: 12 simple tips to improve your sleep