Runner’s Dynamic Warm Up

Runner’s Dynamic Warm Up

What is a dynamic warm up? Let’s start with the definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

  • Dynamic – marked by continuous usually productive activity or change; marked by energy or forcefulness.
  • Warm up – to engage in preliminary exercise.
To summarize, a dynamic warm up is a preliminary exercise which is done with energy to effectively prepare the body for running. This Runner’s Dynamic Warm Up video shows a quick, to the point dynamic warm up to prepare your body for running.
Key points for your dynamic warm up:
  • Make sure to include movement in all 3 planes of motion.
    • sagittal: front and back
    • frontal: side to side
    • rotational: rotation
  • Build on your movement patterns from smaller to larger, and from less aggressive to more aggressive
  • The colder it is outside, or the less active you have been before running, the longer the warm up should be.

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