Running Series: Final Trivia Contest

Running Series: Final Trivia Contest – Questions Released!       

trivia contestThe Baudry Therapy Center/BRIO Running Series is now complete and it’s time for our final Trivia Contest.  But first, let’s meet our last Trivia Winner – Aimee Effler!  Congratulations Aimee on your BRIO swag and your complimentary entry to the Ole Man River race!

As a reminder, here are the contest details:

THE PRIZE: One (1) lucky winner will receive a free entry for the Ole Man River 5K (thanks to our partner New Orleans Track Club) and cool BRIO swag!  BTC/BRIO will make a random draw from all eligible entries received. To be declared a winner the selected entrants must successfully answer all three trivia questions. The Contest winners will be selected on Tuesday, December 9.

HOW TO ENTER: Participants must email the correct answers to the 3 trivia questions to   Only one (1) entry per person.  All entries must be received no later than the Contest Closing Date and closing time indicated.

CONTEST DATE & TIME: The trivia contest will close at 5 P.M. CST on Tuesday, December 9.



  1. When performing soft tissue work, you should:
    1. Give each muscle group special attention.
    2. Work each muscle group until you feel like you are getting improved blood flow to the area.
    3. Work the tissues until you achieve increased irritation.
    4. Both a and b.
  2. True or False: You should avoid consuming carbohydrates before and after a run to improve your overall performance.
  3. Any strength program for better running would be incomplete without addressing abdominal muscles. Name three exercises you can perform to improve core strength.

We hope that you found the information provided over the last several months to be valuable for your run training.  As physical therapists, our goal is to treat people, not problems! Education with an emphasis on prevention is an integral part of therapy at Baudry.

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While the Running Series may be over, BTC/BRIO has a new series that will be starting soon! The promise of a new year and a new beginning is just around the corner. Many of us will be making our New Years’ resolutions and goals.  We want to help you celebrate your 2014 successes and build upon the momentum you’ve achieved to tackle new goals in 2015! Stay tuned for our next series on Finding Your Inner BRIO in 2015!