4 Tips to Maintain Your Weight During the Holidays

The Holidays are upon us and no matter what, there will be challenges ahead for those who are concerned about weight management. The average weight gain from Thanksgiving through New Years day is 7.5 pounds! It will take a plan and discipline to avoid such an increase in weight throughout the remainder of the year.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your weight during the holidays:

1.) Maintain an Exercise Program

First, you should maintain your exercise program and perhaps increase your cardio activity. Exercise will keep the metabolic rate up and sustain your muscle mass. Since muscle is the engine that burns fat, we want to keep it fired up. If you indulge in a meal laden in fat and carbohydrates, follow it with a walk outside. This will help you digest food and you will feel better if you get up and move.

2.) Make Healthy Food Choices

Try to make good food choices on days where food is the center of the holiday. Do NOT skip breakfast! This will assure that you will be less hungry when you are faced with the feast later in the day. Turkey is a good choice. Mashed potatoes, stuffing and dessert, not so much. To be sure that veggies are readily available for your holiday meal, why not bring them yourself? If you slip up and indulge in a highly caloric meal, do not beat yourself up; move on, and get back on track the next meal. If you use one large meal as a gateway to further indulgence, however, you are certain to gain weight.

3.) Get Rid of the Leftovers

If you are the host of the holiday meal, pack up the leftovers and send them home with your guests. They will enjoy having them and you will have a clean slate to keep yourself on track. If your host offers you calorie-rich leftovers, accept them graciously and discard them as soon as you get home.

4.) Limit Opportunities for Overindulgence

Finally, limit your exposure. You do not have to attend every luncheon and party during the holidays. Set your priorities and choose your events accordingly. You do not have to reveal that weight management is your priority, just politely decline some of the invitations saying that you have a “prior commitment”.

Keeping your body healthy should be your priority. No one performs their best physically, mentally, or emotionally when they are overweight. At Baudry, we encourage WELLNESS! We want you to feel your best! Enjoy your time with family and friends and have a happy and healthy holiday season!